What is a "blender"? Ideal for small batch variations, the lower third of the blender is fitted with
a system of tubes. For continuous blending while filling, this blender recirculates the material internally. By this method of handling, the sugar becomes thoroughly mixed and so the silo also serves as a blender for the sugar in it.

Columbian TecTank™ manufactures a gravity blender specifically for the plastics market. The Columbian TecTank™ DFC Blending Silo has been designed to provide superior blend performance. Reducing variables in your product stream at an affordable cost improves the economics of blender plant operation. The most important factor in your processing, the quality of the blend of raw plastic, will be more consistent.

The DFC Blending Silos incorporate both continuous flow and top hole flow principles. Our flow channels and LIFO (Last In, First Out) tubes result in quick, high performance blending with a higher single pass blend index. The blending silo is designed and engineered for the flow characteristics of your blender, resulting in the optimal silo for your application.

DFC Blending Silos smooth the profile of stored materials through gravity blended discharge or batch recirculation. Tendencies for abrupt changes in melt index, color variation and particle size are reduced. The silo discharges a more homogeneous blend. Gravity blending silos provide a better return on capital investment than standard blender storage silos.