Machinex is the recycling equipment supplier you need to run a profit-making MRF. Whether your market is residential,
commercial or industrial sorting, solid waste recovery or composting,
Machinex has the equipment to drive your productivity up, your costs
down and put you at the forefront of your market.

Recycling equipment supplier Machinex offers complete, custom-engineered sorting and recycling
equipment systems. We are industry leaders in the design of profitable,
reliable materials recovery facilities. Beyond our sorting systems for
fiber, co-mingled waste or I.C.I. waste, we also offer a full range of
customized equipment. Our team of professionals and technicians uses
state-of-the-art design and quality-built equipment in every
made-to-order recovery facility.

The advent of new recycling techniques prompted the company to follow a new tangent into this sector of activity. Since then, this recycling equipment supplier has concentrated on the design and development of recuperation and recycling equipment and systems for sorting matter from residential, industrial and commercial sources, and of waste-sorting plants and compost feed systems.

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